Bonjour. I am now on a roll. I am going to write about what I love as in the title.

Perfume. Chypre. Leaving a trail that makes men follow, and women grind their teeth.

Lipstick. The perfect red to frost the perfect kiss. By the way, lighter fluid will remove lipstick from fabrics. Hairspray will do that too as well as remove ball point pen ink. And I promise to give you the secret to cleaning out and inserting your red color in vintage lipstick tubes. Metal. Never plastic.

Compacts. For powdering your nose, and keeping a $100 bill tucked inside in case you need a cab to drag home your found treasures. Or groceries.

LOL – Little Old Ladies. Whenever you see them, listen. They know stuff no one knows anymore. Like how to hit Texas Hold-Em (not that I am endorsing gambling), Crock Pot magic, and so much more I get faint at the very thought of it.

Good luck and good night.

Luck. Be a lady tonight.