First off, we have a playful spirit in the house. Likes to move things around where they end up in very odd places.

Second, I am sick and damn tired of dealing with computers. The new one is slick and speedy, a veritable Ferrarri. Having switched servers as the old one has given me new lines to look for in my face. I am now an Isolationist. For those of you who don’t know what that means, refer to WW1 and Woodrow Wilson.  This is due to outsourcing. Which is the dumbest damn idea since chewing gum was invented. Just don’t get me going or you’re in for a very long dialogue.

Thirdly, I am in the market for a man who: can make coffee in the morning and bring me a cuppa java without being told. This is also known as the Rosetta Stone.

Lastly, Mr. Duck has finally brought his mate  into the picture. By the exercise room, which looks out onto the small pool, I had seen him in the pool, diving and preening,so I had been feeding him. Today, his mate showed up and she eats very delicately also having the same blue purple sheen in her underfeathers. He watched her until she was finished. If only people could learn from animals. I hope their nest is well hidden.