This little note will be about my trip to LV on July 4 that …you decide.

I went to LV to connect up with the Doc and also visit the Museum of Burlesque.

The bus was one that hadn’t been cleaned since they drove it off the pier, pulled it out, and got it rolling again. It was filthy and had a toilet from beyond hell. So. I arrive. Go to hotel which I had mentioned and it was cheap, ever dear to Doc’s heart.

He suggests I take a shower. Now I don’t know if I needed one or if that was a cue, and will never know because this was the final nail. We wandered around, found the Museum,  it being directly across the street from hotel. It was closed and about the size of a small living room – I’d somehow missed it when it was in Helendale, CA, just outside of Barstow until the owner passed away and it has been moved to Vegas. Sad.

Had dinner. Sad. Played a little. Sad. Took a shower and went to sleep having wonderful dreams, like Alice in Wonderland. Little girls dancing with ribbons in their hands. Then I woke up to take a snappy shower.

The Doc and I go to breakfast. I was going to leave later that night but couldn’t stand being there one more second.  Ditched Doc. Got in line waited 3 hrs for a bus that was beyond late and guess what bus it was! Yes, the bus from hell just waiting for me only now it was beyond redemption.

Got on, slept til Barstow when it starting raining and all the desert came alive. Trains came racing and clacking by, tooks tons of pictures, got home and collapsed. the next morning I awoke with a scratchy throat, was told I have a virus (I’d fogotten that delightful mixture of casino air condiitoning and cigarette smoke) which has just played me out.

So here I am coughing and writing when my mind is less than sharp. There is another problem on the horizon, but I think if I leave it alone it will fade out. No fuel for the fire, so to speak.

The Doc and Vegas – Boxcars! Now to watch “Basic Instinct” one of my favorite movies and cheer myself up. And leave myself a post it to finally buy that ice pick for drinks from Hammacher Schlemacher…