Okay, it’s been a rocky couple of months or more but here we are!

1. Trip to Austin. Heaven and I ate so much bbq I might explode at any second.

2. Broke a fingernail, so will trim the rest to match. This occurred during the Dead Wife treasure hunt which I shall scribble about shortly.

3. Am exhausted from p-monia, apparently there is a 3 mos. period of lovely aching bones and the magic ability to fall asleep instantly anywhere, anytime. I cannot wait for this to pass as I feel at least 11 million years old and look same;

4. Scored a major thrift store coup in austin. Booyah!

5. Have discovered that airline seats are now scaled for dogs who poop on anal neurotics patios. The horror.

There will be more later, but I need to lay down and go to wherever it is you go when you sleep.

6/ Oh, yes another birthday. In spite of it all.