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It is nice and overcast today which suits me just fine. All this sunshine nonsense wears thin somedays.
Thinner than the gold on a 10$ wedding ring..

Am in the process of slowly, oh so slowly rearranging the garden for fall. While on my trip, doorstop roommate did not water my irises. Well, at least the bulbs are salvagable. the ferns which I love for their willdness and remembrances of childhood memories – ask me about “snark” hunting a la my cousins who thought this was hilarious to pull on a city kid when I was 13 need to be trimmed, which I hate to do but they will grab you by the ankles now and the complaint dept is open about this regularly. MAYBE I’ll trim them instead.
There are 2 maybe 3 rules in life that are unchangeable I’ve found.
They are as follows:
1. Friends who volunteer to water your plants, take care of your beloved pets, etc. NO. The idea is great at the moment, but when you come home after a lovely vacation or visit and walk into a night even Roger Corman could not imagine, suddenly you will find yourself reaching for their throat due to their innate lack of knowing how to remember to water plants, feed the animals. You know what I mean.

2. Carry a compass and a map in your car. Rely on good old fashioned hard knowledge. DO not talk to strangers or pick up hitchhikers unless they are a lost cat named Fluffums. I’m a cat person, but will help out a D-O-G if needed. But it had better be a little dog. OK, golden retriever. Sigh.

3. Shred everything unneeded. Use the fireplace to finish the job. Always keep at least 100 candles and matches handy in case of hurricane or power outage. If you smell gas, go outside and use your phone to call the gas company pronto.

And, always, eat when you’re hungry, sleep when you’re tired, and keep love close to your heart and soul. It pays off in ways you can’t understand.

And to Violet, who glimmers in the moonlights, overpowering the sun with her being, love and thanks for being there that night and always. Back on your tootsies you will be.

Now go put on some perfume, and conquer the world.