Ok, I’m laate. For everything. Big Deal. Answer the question in the title.
I’ve decided that since I been ill since June (not as ill as some but a real chinese horror movie). Pills that don’t work, pills that sort of work, and now the latest round of antibiotics for my tired dustbowl worn out mother self.

So, to detour from the boredom, I have decided to channel the spirit of Sophia Loren. Great look, great movies, molto bella!
My hair is back to its original brunette and has grown out enough for me to go mad with hot rollers and hair spray, a most probable fatal combination, but at this point I just don’t give a shit. It’s that tricky eyeliner I must master.
Being less than stellar in feeling like doing anything but sleep, and then go back to sleep because I am so tired from sleeping.
Need: black slips, shoes of doom, and a full on Anna Magniani attitude. I love her comment about ageing: ” I will never have plastic surgery – I earned all these lines!!”.
THAT’S the attitude I must remember.

And she always carries something red (read her book) because she believes in magic.  Ms. Loren I am referring to.

Now to practice eye makeup in bed – it’s all I can muster right now. Maybe drawing a new beige mouth.  And look for a nice loud perfume.



Ciao, bella.