To clip a quote: the future’s uncertain and the end is always near. This neatly covers my alleged last Saturn return in which one gets one final chance to make it right. It’s energy is electric, unending, terrifying in choice and let’s just fall down that rabbit hole and see whose there waiting.
I have been traveling, re-enacting a precursor to this current life, which has begun to crack off in pieces visible only to me. If I take it at face value, it’s a rerun of another time and place. Or to put it plain, another door to choose and go through.

Seeking counsel is futile as the other shoe has yet to drop. Needless to say, it has left me frantically trying to remember what I forgot to see the last time. Throwing the cards has been futile, due to the sychronicity factor.

Who will show up? Who will stay and who will go? Overwhelming it is and the map flew out the window with a vengeance. I will embrace this energy all the while mindful of the past and my unerring sense of misdirection.