Okay, I am a tad bit early, but this year has been hell and blue murder all ways round.
So, here are my resolutions and thanks.

I am thankful that I did not die from pneumonia. Beyond words.
I am thankful for my dearest Aunt Ann – a voice of reason and love in this miasma of the past year’s events.
I am thankful my Sean is alive and in one piece having moved out of Pasadena barely before the horrible destruction of the Santa Ana wind recently.
I am thankful that Miss Violet is one tough cookie, a real “dame”, who has faced the opponent and is winning.

My New Years resolution is to return to myself and enjoy each day instead of marking time. And hoping I can do all the things I want to, and leave the past behind where it belongs

I wish each and everyone love, happiness, and the strength plus direction to achieve their goals as well.

I love you all.

Oh yeah, and world peace at least to some degree.

Love, hugs, & kisses to all in 2012!