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Yesterday I had an angioplasty.For those of you unfamilar with this, it is a procedure where they insert a small camera into your vena artery. This is located down by your legs, so you also get a free! yes free! brazilian strip so they can insert the needle full of iodine into the crease between your leg and trunk. Then, it’s threaded up into your heart , the iodine is let loose, you are xrayed in a device that always makes me feel I am in a jet engine sounding eerily the same. Then a sedagive (I wrote it that way on purpose for those in the know -abby, abby normal?) flows into your veins to woo you into the land of the otherwise.

This was done because a issue arose last week, and being a woman, they JUST love to experiment on you. The issue being they said they “found” a 75-50 percent blockage after I went to the ER with some odd symptoms that might be a heart related issue.
Well, the upshot of all this is that the fucking idiot radiologist didn’t read it right the first time and this is what was decided upon. I detest hospitals as well due to fact that all those perky little nurses who are really trolling for dr. husbands are a sore point with me. To that end I regard them as my personal slaves. And they always wear the most ghastly cheap perfume (to wit:oh, I’m wearing Britny Spears ‘cos it comes in sucha pretty bottle”. I rest my case.
So I wake up in bed and cannot move my right leg as I might bleed to death if I do.
No sleep. Just more blood taken. Every 5 hrs. Hell has nothing on these places.
Anyway, the blockage is only 4% in the bone (thank you AZ for the calcium) and can be elimniated by my meds.
Shakespeare should have added the phrase “…and all the doctors too!” to the famous line about lawyers.
It’s off to try and sleep, gentle readers. Maybe there will a nice earthquake to distract me from feeling like a giant pincushion.