This will be an ongoing rambling of things/events at different times in my life that I want to remember.

Walking up Laurel Canyon as a kid, saving jacarada and bouganvilla blossoms to press in copy of “Alice In wonderland”.

Learning to swim at 11. The freedom. Finding a public pool in West Hollywood that was heated which became my home away from home that summer of 64.

Le Conte Jr. High. the right time, the right place. Although I did confuse the Peace sign with the VW logo. Having my knees lock up inevitably when a bell rang to change classes.

the teenage fair at the Hollywood Pallidium 1966.

Moving to Tucson due to divorce (parents) and entering a place where time stood still meeting some of the cruelest people in my life ever. the hottest goddamn place I have ever lived.

The way the sky looked in the winter in Tucson, cold as could (remember I was a kid from L.A.) be, watching the ducks lift off in the morning against the sunrise.

Having my first nervous breakdown while registering for high school in NYC. I couldn’t speak, dropped a cup, walked into traffic on 2nd avenue, hoping I’d get hit by a car. I was 13.

The Ranch Market in Hollywood with the clock that never stopped whizzing it’s arms around, 24 hrs a day, 365 days a year.

Chickenpox.. Sunburn from Salton Sea. Which left scars, so I could have something to remember it by.

What I will never forget is my father and his driven need to travel. A school in it’s own right.

My cats, all now gone to kitty heaven. But when they were here, they were the supreme friends. I love you all still.

More later.