..so goes the Nation. An euphemism from an older time re:voting.
That hurricane.
Why I cut my hair when it was perfect. I have hair issues. Don’t we all?
I’ve come to believe it’s a reflection of our own personal mental barometer. A primeval warnng syndrome to others.
Never look back. Really. Don’t. What’s done is done and here we are now.
The what-if dept. never closes.
Always omit your age, real or actual. It’s considered rude to ask a lady such a question. THIS is one of the prime (haha) reasons I hate math.Unless it involves large amounts of money in small bills.
People lie, or as my dear Papa used to say, “omit the facts”. Just try not to be too incredulous when this happens. Save that for when you are safely home, door closed, and can rellect upon this at your leisure.
More later dearies.