Today has been hell with (you fill in the blanks)

First, my roommate’s wife died. They never bothered getting divorced. First, the police come to notify him. Since he has brain damage and speech aphasia from several car accidents, I am the “caregiver”. Several phone calls with the ME in Reno, and the final nail in the coffin, they send a picture of the late wife. One of the most god awful things I have ever seen and it’s made me throw up all day.  Why can’t he deal with this? Who the hell knows? It got done, no mean feat.

All I can thnk of that song by ForeignerCold As Ice“. He doesn’t want any kind of remembrace at all – I mean, you could throw roses in the ocean at least.  This has made me come to the conclusion that no matter how scary the future, it’s time to depart this situation. I am up figuring out how to pack and store what’s here, and take a vacation to TX to see an ex who just went through the same thing. My plants, well, that’s going to be thought about.

How could I have been so mentally lazy and stupid enough to not see this coming on some level? I’m so rattled it ain’t funny. I think I’m going to go as soon as possible just to put some space between me and all this.

I’m done. Adios, you all.